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Health Education & Interactive Activities

Education & Social Skills

Hillside Academy provides education through intellectual and physical activity. Students are grouped into multi-age classes where they interact with children from varying age groups and social backgrounds. Teachers help students learn important social skills such as empathy, responsibility, encouragement, self-discipline and respect for others. In conjunction with parental guidance, students are taught how to apply these social skills in real-life situations when interacting with other students and teachers. We believe communication is the most essential skill for developing successful human relationships and we thrive to provide a learning environment to achieve it.

We offer full day instruction for 3 year old’s, kindergarten, and first grade students. Throughout the day students will learn core subjects such as math, science, and language arts through hands-on learning activities such as stories, games, and other creative activities. Students will work individually and in group settings, and learn to solve everyday issues with successful problem solving strategies.

Kids playing number games

Physical Education (P.E.)

We empower children to maximize their potential in education and physical activity. To allow children to explore other areas of achievement, we encourage participation in daily activities such as walkers club, dancing, tumbling, and other daily activities. When introduced to something new, we believe that children thrive in a positive and challenging environment.

Students are challenged to unveil their potential through fun and exciting activities such as:

  • Cooking – Teachers assist students in making homemade bread as a hand-on learning activity that is both entertaining and delicious.
  • Art – Students use their creative abilities to create works of art using a variety of arts & craft supplies.
  • Outdoor activities – Students participate in daily outdoor activities including sports, walkers club, tumbling, dancing, and other fun activities.

Our goal is to provide a fun and educational environment that makes children excited to learn!

Kids on playground equipment
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